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Quarterly Picture Auction - THIS SALE HAS CONCLUDED

Date of this auction was: Wednesday 21st March 2012

Lot No. Description Sale Price Image
1 HELEN TERRY oil on board 'Fishing Boats, Plymouth' 66cm x 75cm £75  
5 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Anna with Paper Lanterns' Limited edition print No 246/500 with Certificate £310  
6 FREDERICK T. PEDRICK (Exh 1915-1916, Plymouth) watercolour 'Spring Morning, Beaumont Park, Plymouth' 54cm x 39cm £40  
8 LAWRENCE ISHERWOOD (1917-1988) oil on board 'Pink Rain, St Martins in The Field, London' 53cm x 69cm, inscribed to verso £1700  
9 BERYL COOK (1926-2008) rare silkscreen print 'Taxi' signed and titled in pencil S/P, 53cm x 65cm,in mount, unframed £1600  
13 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ black biro sketch 'Belle at 3 minutes to 1' with inscription 47cm x 30cm £260  
15 PAUL RILEY (RA exhibited, Devon based artist) oil on canvas 'Provence, France' 60cm x 73cm £180  
16 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ square paint palette, signed 36cm x 36cm £100  
18 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ pencil portrait of a women circa 1970's 32cm x 22cm (oval) £100  
19 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Karen Seated' Limited Edition signed print No 250/475 £230  
21 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ pencil drawing 'Portrait of a Child' circa 1977 33cm x 23cm £50  
22 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ oil on board 'Anna on the Settle at my House' signed twice to the verso 44cm x 27cm in deep black frame £7000  
25 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Self Portrait Holding Rose' Limited Edition Print No 338/500 £150  
26 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 1960's biro drawing 'Mouse' 24cm x 17cm £80  
27 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ mixed media 'Study of a Girl' 23cm x 18cm £110  
28 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ early pencil drawing 'Study of Horses' 31cm x 44cm £80  
29 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 1960's pencil drawing 'Mother and Child' 27cm x 18cm £120  
30 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ pencil drawing 'Portrait of four Women' circa 1970's' 38cm x 57cm £270  
31 BRIAN HORSWELL oil on canvas 'Plymouth Harbour' signed 45cm x 90cm £90  
32 ANDRE De LEIVIN (PIERRRE De CLAUSADE) (1910-1976) coastal scene 'Corbiere, Jersey' 45cm x 54cm £430  
33 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Self Portrait, Project 10' Limited edition print No 37/500 £140  
34 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ early pencil drawing 'Schoolboy, London' signed and inscribed to image and dated 1960 23cm x 16cm £100  
35 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ oil on canvas 'Portrait of Sue' circa 1975 signed 72cm x 48cm, Provenance commissioned and acquired directly fro m the artist. £1900  
37 Style of SIR J.ARNESBY- BROWN (1866-1955) oil on canvas 'Three Cows in a Field' 23cm x 34cm, in gilt swept frame with plaque inscribed with the artist name, unsigned £340  
38 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ oil on board 'Karen Painting' signed twice to verso in deep black frame, Provenance, acquired directly from the artist 42cm x 27cm £5600  
39 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ White Lane press book signed by the Artist, Esther Dalloway and Les Ryder and other memorabilia £45  
41 ROBERTS LENKIEWICZ pen and watercolour 'Monica just before she went to the Mental Hospital' signed and inscribed to verso 30cm x 23cm £350  
45 RICHARD SLATER (British b1927) oil on board 'Oats Houses, Sunset' 44cm x 59cm also by the same artist 'Study for Autumn Evening' watercolour 30cm x 34cm £45  
46 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Karen Seated' Limited Edition print No 163/475 £160  
48 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ two pencil portrait sketches circa 1970's both unframed approx 41cm x 28cm £130  
50 ANNE PRIMROSE JURY (1907-1995) Irish School 'Landscape' oil on board 25cm x 33cm £200  
51 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) oil on canvas 'Self Portrait with Eliza in Red' signed 35cm x29cm £3100  
54 LEE WOODS (b1964) oil on wrap around board 'French House with Sheep and Cat', 60cm x 60cm £420  
55 After DAME LAURA KNIGHT RA, a pack of 90 prints 'Lamorna Cove, Cornwall' published by Frost and Reed Fine Art max size 60cm x 74cm £110  
56 CECIL ALDIN (1870-1935) etching 'Terrier' No 128/150 signed 17cm x 12cm mounted, unframed £200  
57 GRACE GOLDEN (1902-1993) watercolour and pencil '1940's Street Scene of London' signed and dated 1940, 27cm x 36cm £460  
58 GRACE GOLDEN (1902-1993) watercolour and pencil '1940s Street Scene London' signed and dated 1941 26cm x 30cm £470  
59 GRACE GOLDEN (1902 -1993) watercolour and pencil '1940s Street scene of London' signed and dated 1940 33cm x 26cm £490  
60 GRACE GOLDEN (1902-1993) watercolour and pencil '1930s Street scene of London' signed and dated 1938 21cm x 33cm £740  
61 GRACE GOLDEN (1902-1993) watercolour 'Eton Square, W1' signed and dated 1942 22cm x 29cm £600  
62 GRACE GOLDEN (1902-1993) four watercolours including 'Epsom 1938, Horse Guards Parade 1937, Royal Enclosure 1938' and another maximum size 19cm x 26cm £1200  
63 GRACE GOLDEN (1902-1993) signed engraving 'Queen Street Place 1926' monotone 'Historic London Building' 29cm x 39cm and trio of hand coloured illustrations including 'Saturday Evening Southwark 1925' all in one mount £350  
64 SIR TERRY FROST R.A. (1915-2003) acrylic and collage on paper 1981 'Colour Collage Around Black' signed and dated, 60cm x 50cm £1550  
65 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ print 'Self Portrait, St Anthony Listening' 39cm x 39cm £100  
66 FREDERICK JOHN WIDGERY (1861-1942) a pair of watercolours 'Hare Tor, Dartmoor' and 'Cut Hill Dartmoor' signed and titled 27cm x 80cm £480  
67 JOHN SUMPTER late 19th, early 20th century a pair of Dartmoor watercolours, signed 26cm x 75cm £100  
68 WILLIAM S. MORRISH (1844-1917) Dartmoor watercolour 27cm x 80cm (foxed) and GEORGE SHAW (1843-1915) oil 'Moorland scene' 24cm x 77cm £40  
69 RUBENS SOUTHEY (1881-1933) a pair of watercolours including 'On the Tavy, Dartmoor' 17cm x 35cm and 'Dartmoor Tor' (2) £80  
70 JOHN HALL THORPE (1874-1947) 'The Chinese Vase' colour woodcut print, pencil signed and titled 48cm x 32.5cm  
71 EUSTACE A. TOZER (late 19th century) watercolour 'Storm over Dartmoor' 19cm x 59cm  
72 LEWIS MORTIMER (fl 1920's - 1930's) pair of coastal watercolours 26cm x 37cm £60  
73 WILHELM KUHNERT (German 1865-1926) pastel 'Tigers' 19cm x 30cm £160  
75 Victorian School oil Portrait of a Collie Dog with monogrammed and dated 1890, 32cm x 24cm £110  
76 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ water colour 'Study of Anna at the House' 35cm x 26cm signed to the right margin on the image £2500  
77 GEMMA THOMPSON oil on canvas 'Provident off Lands End' 59cm x 89cm, Gemma Thompson is the daughter of British marine artist Tim Thompson £380  
78 A carved oak armchair inscribed 'Christian Cavendish, When Wearie Take Reste', 98cm Provenance, Bearnes Lenkiewicz Studio Sale 23rd October 2004 Lot 448 £290  
79 WILLIAM DOMMERSEN (Dutch 1850-1927) oil on canvas 'Flushing, Holland' signed and also titled to verso 30cm x 40cm, unframed £490  
80 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ (1941-2002) oil on board 'Self Portrait at the House, Studio, Lower Compton' signed twice and inscribed in full to verso, inscribed 'Non Project Piece', with orange triangle painted studio mark, 56cm x 45cm £20000  
81 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Self Portrait Holding Rose 1998' Limited Edition Print No 56/500 £180  
82 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ pair 'Dog Portrait sketches' signed 40cm x 29cm £150  
83 PIRAN BISHOP oil on canvas 'Karen Ciambriello' painted in Piran's Studio in heavy black frame 107cm x 50cm  
84 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Self Portrait at Easel' 1992 signed Limited Edition print No 420/500 £210  
85 In the manner of ALFRED WALLIS (St.Ives) mixed media 'Shipping and Light Houses' approx 32cm x 40cm £140  
86 In the manner of ALFRED WALLIS (St.Ives) mixed media 'Masted Ship and Harbour' 16cm x 35cm £30  
87 In the manner of ALFRED WALLIS (St.Ives) mixed media 'Old Arch' 18cm x 12cm £30  
88 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Painter in the Wind, 3.30am, Landscape, Project 18' Limited Edition print No 53/500, signed and inscribed in pencil with Certificate £260  
90 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ oil on plywood roundel 'Man walking away from Woman', Study for Jealousy Project 8, 120cm £1250  
91 Robert Lenkiewicz 'Bella with the Painter' Limited Edition signed print No 40/550 with Certificate £300  
92 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ open print 'Self Portrait Listening' 42cm x 42cm £100  
96 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Esther Silver Locket' Limited edition print No 201/500 with embossed signature and certificate to verso £160  
99 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ oil on board 'Fragment Self Portrait' 120cm x 46cm £750  
100 COLTON - ROBINS (late Victorian, early 20th century) a pair of watercolours including 'Fir Tor, Dartmoor' also by the same artist 'Passing Storm Dartmoor' 26cm x 36cm (3) £60  
101 DANIEL SHERRIN (1868-1940) watercolour 'Dartmoor' 19cm x 26cm, another Moorland watercolour unsigned, and WILLIAM HENRY DYER (fl 1890-1930) watercolour 'Dartmoor' (3) £60  
102 GEORGE HENRY JENKINS (1843-1914) watercolour 'Porth, North Cornwall' 35cm x 44cm further signed and titled to the mount £140  
103 Victorian School Oil 'Evening, Church Scene' unsigned 34cm x 44cm t/w Mc IVER watercolour 'Dartmoor near Bovey Tracey 1923' 16cm x 26cm £20  
104 GRAHAM CLARKE (born 1941) a series of three hand coloured etchings 'The Royal Star' Limited Edition No 208/400 signed and titled in pencil 57cm x 22cm £120  
106 Collection of eleven pictures including Dartmoor watercolours, MISS M. MORRISH (early 20th century) watercolour `The North Teign` exhibited 1920`, a pair prints signed CHARLES BRITTAN and REGINAL DANIEL SHERRIN `Dartmoor` 20cm x 30cm £50  
107 GRAHAM CLARKE (born 1941) Set of four hand coloured etchings 'Chickabiddy', 'Shepherds Delight', 'Apple Pie Order', 'Cows Come Home', All Limited Edition No 212/225, and titled in pencil 17cm x 13.5cm (4) £150  
109 EDWIN EARP (1851-1945) watercolour Mountain and Lake Scene in oval gilt frame 66cm x 57cm (including frame) £30  
111 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ three crayon sketches 'Mental Handicap Study' each signed to verso (largest 37cm x 26cm) £400  
112 LAWRENCE ISHERWOOD (1917-1988) oil on canvas 'Mediterranean Rocks 1975' inscribed to verso 25cm x 35cm £400  
113 LAWRENCE ISHERWOOD (1917-1988) oil on board 'Rain, Cloths' signed and dated '75 13cm x 17cm £340  
114 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'The Barbican Fisherman 2000' signed Limited edition print No 7/20 (one of the fishermen copies) with Certificate, unframed £170  
115 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ oil on board fragment picture 'Hand and Cup' signed three times to verso 34cm x 40cm in heavy black frame £220  
116 Attributed Robert Lenkiewicz rectangular paint palette in glazed and black wood frame 25cm x 30cm £110  
117 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ 'Painter with Women St Antony Theme, Esther' Limited edition print No 135/195 in heavy black frame £420  
118 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ signed poster 'Project 18 Painter with Women' £110  
119 GRAHAM CLARKE (born 1941) hand coloured etching 'Johnny Garlic Sausage' Limited Edition No 121/400 signed and titled in pencil 54cm x 34cm with Certificate from CCA Galleries £150  
120 Collection of printed unbound pages for The Mary Notebook £360  
123 DONALD MCINTYRE (1923-2009) gouache 'Grey Day' 35cm x 53cm, titled and signed to verso £1250  
124 DONALD MCINTYRE (1923-2009) oil 'Children and Boats' titled and signed to verso 16cm x 80cm £620  
125 ROBERT BORLASE SMART (1881-1947) pastel 'Old House (Merchant House), St. Andrew Street, Plymouth' 42cm x 25cm Born at Kingsbridge, Devon, studied at Plymouth College of Art (1897), Royal College of Art (1899). £140  
127 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ oil on paper 'Study of Man with moustache' 31cm x 20cm £480  
128 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ Red biro sketch of figures with Studio seal 15cm x 30cm £100  
130 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ red biro sketch 'Man on a Chair' with Studio seal 30cm x 22cm £80  
132 Two replica prints after Lenkiewicz including 'Self Portrait' £30  
133 Lenkiewicz memorabilia including 'Jealousy Project' Plymouth Exhibition list circa late 1970's , Booklet and original poster from 'Death and The Maiden Project' and original 'Vagrancy Project' Exhibition leaflet £200  
135 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ pencil drawing titled 'Pat Parker, 1971, signed' 28cm x 17cm £250  
137 BERYL COOK 'Jiving to Jazz' Limited Edition signed print No 311/650 49cm x 49cm £200  
139 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ pencil sketch 18cm x 23cm £50  
140 BRIAN POLLARD three signed small prints and three open cat prints £50  
141 ROBERT LENKIEWICZ print 'Snowy' , No 35/300, unframed £50  
142 GRAHAM CLARKE Artists Proof small print 'Pilchard Practice' signed and two other unframed signed prints 'Jolly Sailor' 231/300 and 'Tepanyaki' 11/250 (3) £60  
144 ROY STRINGFELLOW pastel 'Talland Bay, Talland Cornwall' 49cm x 63cm £30  
145 ROY STRINGFELLOW oil on board 'Golitha Falls, Bodmin Moor' 60cm x 80cm £30  
147 ROY STRINGFELLOW oil on board 'Talland' 54cm x 79cm £30  
148 ROY STRINGFELLOW ten various pictures, prints and plaques including watercolours, oil of 'Fishing Boat' etc £45  
150 LAURITZ SORENSEN oil Danish Seascape 30cm x 44cm £70  
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